I write copy for investment newsletters and other financial service providers.

I can help you connect with your customers. Here's an example:

Several years ago I sat in on a webinar for a client that sells an advisory newsletter. The webinar was about selling uncovered puts.

One of the participants asked how you found buyers for the puts.

This person was considering buying an expensive newsletter but had no idea how the options market worked. A simple e-book on options and options trading answered those types of questions.

I give the man credit for asking the question. I’m sure others on the webinar had similar questions but were too shy to ask them.


I Can Help

An e-book, white paper, newsletter, or blog post answers your prospects’ questions – questions that may be preventing them from buying.

As a lead magnet to gather email addresses of prospects, nothing beats a quality report or e-book that is full of value and establishes your authority on the subject.

No time or staff to write your e-book or special report? That’s where I can help.

I’ve written 15 books on investing and personal finance for a major publisher and more than 650 articles online and print.

I know your products/services. I know your customers.

I have talked with hundreds of investors over the years and answered their questions about investing and the stock market.

The more your customers know about basic investment concepts, the better they’ll appreciate your product/service.

Help your customers understand what they are buying or subscribing to.

You'd be surprised how much they don't know about investing in general and your products in particular.


Solve Their Problems

Show customers how your products solve their problems – that's all they really care about.

Your content solution may be a brief overview of the market you serve or a more detailed look.

I wrote a book for Stansberry Research that is more than 160 printed pages and another e-book that is a PDF of about 40 pages.

Blog posts, newsletters, social media, and sales content all reinforce your value to customers.

My copy is easy to read and understand.

Don’t confuse easy to read with shallow. I’ll explain the important facts in terms your customers can understand.

I can help you decide what length and depth are right for your project.


How We Can Work Together

Once we agree on the depth of coverage and length, I'll produce an outline, which you approve before I begin writing so we both know what the project covers.

We’ll agree on a deadline for delivery – longer pieces may have multiple deadlines for sections.

My fee covers the original text and two rounds of revisions. Further revisions require additional compensation.

In most cases, I'll quote you a flat fee for the project. Unless there's travel involved, I usually don’t have expenses on top of the fee.

If you want me on site, we’ll agree on those charges separate from the main fee.

If you want a turnkey project from creation through production, including printed products, I can provide that.

Please let me know if you have copy needs in these or other areas. I only take projects I know fit my skill set.


Contact Me

Please contact me at kenlittlewriter AT

Thanks for your time.